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meet the team

Aishwarya Lonial
aishwarya lonial

co-founder & lead designer

Our stress-eating magician who turns food into motivation while we hustle to set up the perfect backdrop!

Megh Banthia
megh banthia

chief marketing officer

Our walkie-talkie fanatic, who goes to great lengths to ensure flawless communication, keeping the team on their toes and the airwaves in tip-top shape!

Indraja Khare
indraja khare

co-founder & lead designer

Our chair-aligning maestro who won't rest until every seat is flawlessly positioned, satisfying her inner perfectionist!

Siddharth Sathyajit
siddharth sathyajit

lead content strategist

Our master of awkward poses and unconventional locations, all in pursuit of capturing that picture-perfect shot with his trusty camera!

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