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Why us ?

To put into perspective, here's the difference we make at an average 100 people Indian wedding
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 of fresh flowers used at weddings are either donated to organisations that upcycle them into useful products or composted


of toxic florist foam is saved from polluting our land and water bodies by avoiding its use completely


of the decor is created with upcycled materials like old cardboard, newspaper, scrap fabric, glass bottles, etc. giving them a new meaningful life


of the total food prepared that is usually leftover after a wedding is donated to to the underprivileged


disposable plastic water bottles are substituted with low waste or reusable alternatives


of virgin paper is replaced with tree-free alternatives like digital and recycled paper invites


pieces of plastic disposables like cutlery, straws and dinnerware are swapped with earth friendly reusable options


of the handcrafted decor elements are created by women from socially & economically disadvantaged sections of society through our efforts in craft-based skill development

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