The what, why and how of Green Events

  • Q : Is fresh floral decoration eco-friendly?

    A : While exotic imported blooms might look extravagant, their carbon footprint is extremely high. Using locally-sourced seasonal flowers in moderation sans the florist foam is never a bad idea.
  • Q : What do you do with the used decorations after an event?

    A : We redesign and completely revamp our decor to give it another life such that it can be reused in future events. Once we feel it can no longer be used it any other way, the decor is segregated and disposed safely.
  • Q : How do you dispose fresh flowers used at an event?

    A : The fresh flowers used at an event are collected and sent to organisations and companies that convert them to useful products like holi powder & incense sticks.
  • Q : Who do you employ to make the decorations?

    A : Most of our decor is handcrafted in-house by truly amazing Super Women. We enable sustainable livelihoods for traditional artisans and marginalised communities. We also collaborate with other brands working in the craft sector.
  • Q : What is the alternative to single-use plastic water bottles served at events?

    A : Setting up water filling stations and serving in reusable glasses & bottles does the trick.
  • Q : Are green events heavy on the pocket?

    A : No, a green event costs as much as a regular event. Green events run on a philosophy of minimalism. While you might be investing more in certain services involved in an event, you will be saving in the others, hence balancing out the expenditure.
    We work closely with our clients to co-create a truly customised experience. Ultimately, the expense depends on the client’s choice, scale and type of event.
  • Q : How do you ensure there is no wastage of food after an event?

    A : Leftover food is redistributed in collaboration with renowned non-profit organisations that route surplus food to the less fortunate
  • Q : Do you only organise wedding related events?

    A : We are happy to organise any event that has the scope to become more green; corporate events, birthdays or any other private event! Our aim is to sensitise people through the events we organise.